BCN Chapters

Over the last few years, the Better Care Network has observed a growing global need and interest for regional and country-level networking, workshops and capacity development trainings, best practice forums, and development platforms for information exchange. The development of regional and country-level initiatives will help ensure that advocacy, policy, and program development around alternative care is culturally relevant and viable within each national and local context. In response, BCN is taking a more active convening role around promotion of country chapters and regional initiatives.

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BCN Netherlands Chapter

The first national chapter of the Better Care Network was launched in the Netherlands in November 2007. BCN Netherlands (BCNN) was formed by international nongovernmental organizations and donors in the Netherlands with the aim of raising awareness about appropriate forms of alternative care among the Dutch groups and organizations. The chapter is coordinated by a part-time coordinator, Ms. Bep van Sloten, who can be reached at To learn more about BCNN, click here visit their website—which is in Dutch.

If you are interested in learning more about creating a national chapter of the Better Care Network, please contact us.