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Strategic Litigation

CRIN believes that all children must have full access to justice, and that strategic litigation is a powerful means to establish and enforce children's rights in national and international law.  To encourage NGOs and advocates to consider bringing violations of children's rights into the courtroom, this page contains links to publications and events that relate to strategic litigation.  We hope to add resources on a regular basis, and would very much appreciate your help in drawing our attention to additional information on the subject - please email us at with any comments or suggestions.

Children in Court CRINMAIL

CRIN's monthly legal newsletter offers editorials, a global review of children's rights cases, and descriptions of other legal news and resources that relate to children's rights advocacy.  Sign up to receive our Children in Court CRINMAIL here.

Children's Rights: A Guide to Strategic Litigation

This guide has been produced to help those working for children's rights to understand what strategic litigation is and consider this as an option for effecting change for children by using the law. The guide is aimed at legal and non legal NGO staff and can be adapted to local settings and procedures.  Click here to read it.

CRC in Court: Case Law Database

This database contains judgments from high-level national and international courts around the world. Each decision is presented in summary form with plain English explanations of the background, significance, and lessons to be learned for children's rights. Click here to search the database.

Further useful information

  • The law – search database of international, regional and national instruments 

  • Making and enforcing the law – international, regional and national mechanisms, e.g., UN, African, American, European systems, etc.

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