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CRIN is publishing a series of toolkits for child rights advocates. View these here.

So far, we have published guides to:


Current Campaigns

  • Inhuman Sentencing of Children:  CRIN together with other partners has launching a campaign for the prohibition and elimination of inhuman sentencing of children – defined to include sentences of death, life imprisonment and corporal punishment.
  • The future of children's rights – in whose hands?
    They wield considerable power and influence, and can change the lives of thousands, maybe millions of children. Those nominated to exalted positions within the world of child rights can make a massive difference. But who are they? How are they chosen? And, most importantly, are they the best people for the job? We have identified a list of key global children's rights positions, listed in order of their due date for renewal or reappointment. Find out more here.

Past campaigns

  • Campaign for a complaints mechanism under the CRC
    The Optional Protocol establishing a complaints mechanism for children's rights under the CRC was finally adopted by the UN General Assembly in December 2011. The next step will be to encourage States to ratify! Read the latest update and the final text here.
  • International Call for Action on Violence Against Children: Establish a Special Representative to the UN Secretary-General on Violence against Children 
  • An international call to end all executions of juvenile offendersLaunched in September 2008, the campaign to end the juvenile death penalty was signed by 815 organisations. The campaign called upon each UN Member State to implement an absolute ban on the juvenile death penalty as requested by customary law, the CRC, the International Convenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), and highlighted in the UN Study on violence against children.



Report to the CRC or the UPR

  • Committee on the Rights of the Child:
    - Find out when your State's child rights record is up for review by the Committee here.
    - Learn how to submit an NGO Alternative report to the Committee on the NGO Group's website here.
    - Read other NGO Alternative reports here.

  • UN Human Rights Council:
    - Find out when your State's human rights record is up for review by the Council here.
    - Learn how to submit a report on your government's record on child rights to the 'Universal Periodic Review' here.
    - Read child rights references in previous UPR reviews on CRIN's country pages here.

For more information on using the UN or regional human rights mechanisms, see our guide here.

Submit a resource

If you have information you think would be useful to other child rights advocates, whether it is a publication, news, event, or campaign, please submit it here.



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