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Challenging breaches of children's rights

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When governments fail to recognise and respect children’s rights, international and regional human rights mechanisms are needed to hold States to their legal obligations.

In all regions, the massive extent of breaches of children’s civil and political and economic, social and cultural rights is increasingly well-documented in reports from UN agencies, human rights institutions and NGOs. Yet few of these breaches are brought to the notice of the mechanisms that can be used to challenge them.

The mechanisms are not difficult to use.

This section aims to make existing human rights mechanisms – international and regional - well known to all those who can use them to promote and safeguard children’s rights. It will be divided into three sections: compliance, jurisprudence and avenues for redress.


While there are mechanisms allowing for individual complaints under most other international human rights instruments, as yet there is no mechanism linked to the Convention on the Rights of the Child. However, CRIN is part of coalition of organisations that is campaigning for the establishment of such a mechanism.

Guide to human rights systems around the world

The CRC in your country: what is its status?

These reports offer country-level legal analyses of children's rights, focusing on:

1. Compliance and states' duties to undertake legislative and administrative reform pursuant to Article 4 of the CRC

2. Children's rights jurisprudence, offering an overview of important court decisions on children's rights with commentary on each article of the CRC on the international, regional and domestic levels.

3. Avenues for redress and options available for those whose rights have been violated, tracing the steps that need to be taken to pursue a judicial or non-judicial remedy in a specific jurisdiction.

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Country report: Israel
Country report: Belarus
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Country report: South Africa
Country report: Sweden

Please note that these country reports will need constant updating. If you are aware of any changes in the law that would affect the content of a report, please contact us at

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