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This page is for organisations in the CRIN Directory. It explains how they can share information with the network, how to log in to the CRIN content management system and enter their information on the CRIN website directly.


Sharing your information with CRIN is one of the most effective ways of reaching the child rights community. The success of CRIN is owed to the countless organisations and individuals that work with us to share information on child rights. How can you maximise your participation?


CRINMAILs are email bulletins distributed to thousands of subscribers in the child rights community. Lists are available in English, French and Spanish and on different topics. Organisations in the CRIN Directory rely on it to get their news out to others. Subscribe and read archives

Organisations in the CRIN Directory are encouraged to give feedback on CRINMAIL and to forward it to others who might be interested. We also welcome submissions of information from members: if you need us to publicise an event, a campaign, a website, a report, etc. through CRINMAIL, please send a press release to

  • Directory of Child Rights Organisations

Details of organisations in the CRIN Directory are entered onto a database, which is available free of charge online. For that reason, it is extremely important to keep details up to date, and to inform us of any changes to your contact details in order to ensure the accuracy of the Directory of Child Rights Organisations. Simply email
Note: you can edit your CRIN page yourself if you have a username and password (see "login details" below for more information)

  • Publications Catalogue and Events Calendar

CRIN's network is strengthened when its members participate by sharing information about their work in children's rights, especially information about events and publications. Simply fill in an online form to submit a publication or event. CRIN staff will then review your submission and make it live on the publications catalogue or the events calendar.
Note: you can add your resources to your CRIN page yourself if you have a username and password (see "login details" below for more information)

  • Website

Updated daily, the website is a leading resource on child rights issues, containing references to thousands of publications, recent news and forthcoming events. We are particularly interested in receiving relevant news coverage and information for our theme pages: child rights; child labour; armed conflict; children in conflict with the law; children without parental care; disability; discrimination; education; health; HIV/AIDS; macroeconomics; media; rights-based programming; sexual exploitation, and the UN Study on Violence against Children. Please submit all information via the online form.


All CRIN publications are available online: CRIN Newsletters - CRIN Readers - Annual Reports, however, organisations in the CRIN Directory who require hard copies can email us at


Each organisation in the CRIN Directory should have a main CRIN contact responsible for liaising with CRIN staff. The primary responsibility of the main contact is to keep the organisations' information up to date on the CRIN website, to share organisational news, events and resources with CRIN.Key

Only those organisations in the CRIN Directory who have provided us with a main contact and email address will be issued a username and password, with which they can login to the content management system to update their organisation details and submit resources directly.

CMS helpfile for members


CRIN is an open network of organisations and therefore holds no official status beyond that of its organisations. This means that CRIN is unable to accredit or provide funding to any organisations in the CRIN Directory.