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UN Study on Violence Against Children

The UN Secretary-General's Study on Violence Against Children was launched on 11 October at the United Nations in New York.

Many NGOs, UN agencies, governments and children have been taking part in the process of the Study which began four years ago.

CRIN developed a thematic website on violence against children two years ago and has been reporting on the details of the process ever since. But have you really paid attention?

Find out how much you actually know about the Study!

1. Who will be the next Secretary-General of the UN?

A: John Bolton
B: Ban Ki-Moon
C: Kim Jong Il

2. Who elects the Secretary-General?

A: Members of the United Nations General Assembly
B: Members of the UN Security Council
C: The US Government

3. Who is the Independent Expert who is leading the Secretary-General's Study on Violence Against Children?

A: Kofi Annan
B: Graša Machel
C: Paulo Sergio Pinheiro

4. Which other landmark document on children was published in 1996?

A: The impact of armed conflict on children
B: A World Fit for Children
C: The Convention on the Rights of the Child

5. Many NGOs and UN agencies were involved in the Violence Study process. However there were three main UN agencies working with the Independent Expert, which ones were they?


6. The Committee on the Rights of the Child recommended that the Study should cover violence against children in five different settings. What are they?

A: Work, schools, institutions, home and community
B: Work, schools, home, community and the streets
C: Schools, community, home, institutions and conflict zones

7. The Study was launched at the General Assembly on 11 October, but what happens now?

A: It goes on Kofi Annan's bookshelf
B: States have to implement its recommendations and report back every year
C: A resolution is voted on in the General Assembly

8. NGOs have been working together very effectively to influence the outcome of the Study and ensure there is follow-up. What is one of the key outcomes NGOs are campaigning for?

A: A ban on corporal punishment in schools
B: A Special Representative for children and violence
C: A resolution of the Security Council banning all forms of violence against children

9. How many countries have banned corporal punishment in all settings?

A: None
B: 16
C: 37

10. In how many countries is it still legal to hit children in all settings?

A: 1
B: 7
C: 17