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The theme of this year's World AIDS Day, which will be held on 1 December 2006, is accountability. World AIDS Campaign is promoting this under the broader slogan "Stop AIDS - Keep the Promise".

Test your knowledge on HIV and AIDS around the world with CRIN's quiz below. 

More information about World AIDS Day 2006

1. What is the estimated number of people living with HIV or AIDS worldwide?

A: around 15 million
B: around 30 million
C: around 40 million

2. Which region is experiencing the fastest growing HIV and AIDS epidemic in the world?

A: Eastern Europe
B: Sub-Saharan Africa
C: Central America

3. Which country recently reported a 30 per cent increase in HIV and AIDS in one year?

A: Russia
B: Nicaragua
C: China

4. What is the current global target for 2010 relating to people who live with HIV and AIDS?

A: to provide as close as possible to universal access to treatment, prevention, care and support
B: to provide as close as possible to universal access to care and support
C: to ensure access to treatment, prevention, care and support for eighty per cent of people living with HIV and AIDS in Africa

5. Why were some NGOs and others disappointed by this year's High Level Meeting on HIV and AIDS?

A: UN member states reduced the number of people they aim to help access HIV and AIDS-related services
B: UN member states refused to commit to hard targets on funding
C: There was a poor turn-out by UN member states

6. Every day there are approximately 1,800 new infections in which population group?

A: in young people aged 15 - 25
B: in the adult population
C: in children due to mother-to-child transmission of the virus

7. What is the estimated number of children under the age of 15 who have lost their mother or father or both parents to AIDS?

A: 7 million
B: 14 million
C: 21 million

8. What has been the main criticism of the US government's funding policy under the Bush administration?

A: The government will only fund organisations which advocate abstinence before marriage
B: For the lack of attention to orphans and vulnerable children
C: It does not give funding to NGOs working on HIV and AIDS related issues

9. What percentage of pregnant women living with HIV were supposed to be receiving the simple treatment that can prevent their children from contracting the virus by 2005?

A: 60%
B: 80%
C: 95%

10. What did the Catholic Church say about HIV and AIDS last week?

A: it has reiterated its opposition to the use of condoms
B: it has announced a review of its position on condom use in certain circumstances
C: it criticised the US government's policy on HIV and AIDS