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Child Slavery

This month saw commemorations marking the 200th anniversary of the act to abolish the slave trade. However, with some 1.2 million children being trafficked worldwide each year, according to UNICEF estimates, and millions more subjected to forced labour, domestic slavery and compulsory marriage, the battle for freedom is far from over.

How much do you know about child slavery? Test your knowledge with the quiz below.

1. In 2005, with which country did UNICEF sign an agreement to return children involved in camel racing back to their home countries?

A: United Arab Emirates
B: Saudi Arabia
C: Yemen

2. For how long were Nepalese girls, usually aged 14 to 16, typically found to be confined to brothels following their recruitment into slavery or debt bondage?

A: Six months
B: One year
C: Two years

3. At any one time, about how many children around the world are being abused through prostitution, child pornography and sex tourism?

A: 860,000
B: 1.8 million
C: 1.1 million

4. Where are more than half of all girls married before they reach the age of 16?

A: Turkey
B: Iran
C: Afghanistan

5. Where, according to USAID, are there an estimated forty four million children between the ages of five and 14 employed in work which "endangers their physical and psychological" well-being, a "significant percentage" of whom are bonded labourers?

A: Brazil
B: India
C: China

6. How are international child traffickers targeting children in Mozambique, according to the Ministry of the Interior?

A: By recruiting street beggars
B: By offering poor families relatively large sums of money to "borrow" their children
C: By exploiting the country's weak adoption laws to target orphaned children

7. In which country, says Amnesty International, have armed groups been reportedly abducting young people, in one case a 15-year-old boy, from camps for newly displaced people?

A: Sri Lanka
B: Chad
C: Sudan

8. How are 200,000 children risking their lives daily in the Sahel region of Africa?

A: Through forced recruitment into the armed forces
B: By working in gold and mineral mines
C: Through forced agricultural labour

9. Who said of modern forms of slavery: "Because of our failure to alleviate poverty, defend the human rights of all, and address impunity effectively, potential victims are unable to protect themselves against exploitation and abuse."

A: US president George W. Bush
B: U2 singer Bono
C: Former UN Secretary General Kofi Anan

10. Which article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights prohibits slavery?

A: None
B: Article 4
C: Article 22