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Quiz of the Week

1. Young people have been gathering this week at an event mirroring the G8 Summit. What is it called?

A: J8
B: Y8
C: Gr8

2. Where were five minors arrested and tortured, according to the World Organisation Against Torture?

A: India
B: Cambodia
C: Nepal

3. Why was the case against Guantanamo Bay detainee Omar Khadr, held since he was 15, thrown out of court?

A: He had not received adequate legal representation
B: The military court did not have jurisdiction
C: His statements were obtained in 'threatening circumstances'

4. Where were one hundred and seven children detained last week during protests over the government’s decision not to renew the license of the nation’s oldest television station RCTV?

A: Venezuela
B: Nicaragua
C: Chile

5. What costs Central America billions of dollars a year, according to a UN report?

A: Environmental damage
C: Child malnutrition

6. What have human rights groups accused the US of doing as part of their 'war on terror' - a charge denied by George Bush?

A: Keeping children from seeing detained parents
B: Keeping detainees in secret prisons
C: Blocking funds for defence lawyers

7. How many Palestinian children have been killed by Israeli forces since 2000, according to the UN?

A: 100
B: 510
C: 800

8. How should some child sex offenders be dealt with, according to the UK's child protection chief?

A: Castration
B: Life imprisonment
C: Community treatment

9. How have some Shia Muslim tribes in Iraq’s southern provinces moved to prevent school children missing another academic year due to insecurity?

A: By setting up their own schools
B: By sending children to Iran
C: By recruiting teachers from Saudi Arabia

10. Why did the trial of Charles Taylor, accused of war crimes in Sierra Leone, get off to a troubled start in The Hague?

A: He sacked his lawyer, saying he would not get a fair trial
B: The Court had failed to establish jurisdiction
C: He claimed he was being poisoned by prison guards