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Weekly quiz

1. In which country was a child rights bill, which could help make the Convention on the Rights of the Child part of national law, approved this week?

A: Sierra Leone
B: Mozambique
C: Costa Rica

2. Why did the Olympics make child rights headlines this week?

A: Sixteen-year-old gymnasts were found to be damaging their health with intensive training
B: Children have been discovered making Olympic merchandise
C: The London 2012 logo has been making children cry

3. What, according to human rights groups, are operating, even though George Bush originally claimed they were defunct?

A: US voting procedures
B: Secret CIA-run prisons housing terror suspects
C: CIA aeroplanes carrying terror suspects over Europe

4. What was the focus of this year's World Day Against Child Labour?

A: Children working in agriculture
B: Children working in mines
C: Children involved in sex work

5. Why do trafficked women and girls in Greece often fail to get protection?

A: Because trafficking is not considered a legal offence in Greece
B: Because the Greek authorities generally consider them free willed participants
C: Because help is only given on condition they testify against their traffickers

6. What subjects were tackled at the J8 Summit in Germany?

A: HIV and AIDS, Global Warming, Economy and Diversity and the Iraq War
B: Business and Human Rights, Malaria, World Peace and Celebrities in Conflict with the Law
C: Economic prospects for Africa, HIV and AIDS, New Challenges for the Global Economy and Climate Change and Energy Efficiency

7. What percentage of working children toil in agriculture?

A: 20
B: 50
C: 70

8. Where have thirteen schools been set on fire?

A: Afghanistan
C: Thailand

9. How old was the youngest child found to have been trafficked into the United Kingdom in a recent report?

A: Eight
B: Five
C: Nine months

10. There are reports emergency feeding centres in Niger are drawing mothers from Nigeria, where 29 percent of children are considered underweight. What did Nigeriaís chief nutritionalist at the ministry of health in Kano State say in response?

A: We donít have malnourished children in this country
B: We are aware of the problem, but our priority at the moment is oil
C: So what?