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Weekly Quiz

1. Who are the biggest national group of refugees?

A: Afghans
B: Iraqis
C: Sudanese

2. Which country has signed a deal to reintegrate child soldiers?

A: Syria
B: Colombia
C: Central African Republic

3. Why are conditions for asylum-seekers becoming tougher in many countries?

A: Fear of terrorist attacks
B: Uninformed newspaper campaigns
C: Government policies which starve them of money and resources

4. After marathon discussions, what did the Human Rights Council agree on this week?

A: A procedure for evaluating countries' human rights records
B: To review the human rights record of Sudan, Belarus and the USA
C: Further talks on discussion procedures

5. Why are companies which manufactured 'Agent Orange' - used to clear jungle in the Vietnam war, allegedly resulting in three million disabilities and birth defects - denying responsibility for the damage?

A: They say an attack on them is an attack on capitalism
B: They blame the Vietnamese government for allowing jungle overgrowth
C: They said the US government told them to do it

6. Why are some children being left alone on the street in Malaysia, according to reports?

A: Migrants are being deprived of food and accomodation, and unable to support their children
B: Undocumented migrants are being targeted for arrest and deportation
C: Parent migrants are fleeing public places when police arrive to check documents

7. What is the name of the only UN instrument which expressly provides for the protection of child refugees?

A: The Convention on the Rights of the Child
B: The Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees
C: The Convention on the Law of the Non-Navigational Uses of International Watercourses

8. How has the Australian government responded to reports of widespread child sexual abuse in Aboriginal communities?

A: By issuing plans to create community education and sensitisation projects
B: By setting up a national helpline and counselling service for victims of abuse
C: By banning alcohol in Aboriginal areas

9. What prompted Chinese local media, in an unusual step, to criticise their usually immune government?

A: The closure of dozens of local primary schools for use as political campaign offices
B: Reports of slavery in kilns and factories, operating with government knowledge
C: The purchase of Chinese factories by US companies

10. Which country has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy and sexual infections in Europe?

A: The Netherlands
B: Spain
C: United Kingdom