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Weekly quiz

1. What makes up about 14 per cent of global disease - more than cancer or heart disease?

A: Tuberculosis
B: Influenza
C: Mental illness

2. What did almost all of the children who were unable to find school places in a Dublin suburb have in common?

A: They were black
B: They were Muslim
C: They were illiterate

3. Why did India's law ministry reject a child protection bill?

A: Because of insufficient funds to implement the legislation
B: Because child protection is 'not needed in India'
C: Because they believe it covered no new ground

4. Where is the Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict visiting to ensure greater protection for children under the country's 'Ouagadougou Peace Agreement'?

A: Côte d'Ivoire
B: Sudan
C: Sierra Leone

5. Complete the quote from author Stacia Tauscher: 'We worry about what a child will become tomorrow...

A: yet we forget that he is someone today'
B: with no thought to the child we were yesterday'
C: and take precious moments from today'

6. Why has the discovery of a child pornography ring by Austrian authorities not led to any convictions of people who downloaded the images in the Czech Republic?

A: Because one of the offenders was a policeman, and so immune from prosecution
B: Because downloading the images is not an offence in the Czech Republic
C: Because officials in the Czech Republic refused to acknowledge child pornography as a problem in the country

7. Why has the Namibian Government been held accountable for the rape of a mentally ill girl?

A: It allowed the release of the attacker from prison
B: She was raped by a Government employee
C: She was in the care of a school hostel when she was taken away to be raped

8. What three factors have been cited for an increase in child labour in China?

A: Poverty, weak laws and flaws in the education system
B: Western consumer demand, poverty and the one child policy
C: Poverty, government corruption and a weak civil society

9. How old will the Convention on the Rights of the Child be in November this year?

A: 21
B: 18
C: 50

10. What is dangerous for children, according to a United Kingdom report?

A: Too much pocket money
B: Food additives
C: Adults