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Weekly quiz

1. Who is the biggest employer of child labour in India, according to the National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights?

A: Agricultural business
B: The Government
C: The middle class

2. Between January and July 2007, how many Palestinian children arrested by Israeli security forces were acquitted of formal charges by the military courts?

A: None
B: 1,200
C: 150

3. What is adversely affecting children's mental health in the United Kingdom, according to a group of experts?

A: Not enough outdoor play
B: Too much television
C: A diet high in sugar

4. Why was a Jewish child rejected from a Jewish school in Israel, according to his mother?

A: Because he could not recite the Torah
B: Because he is 'ethnically stained'
C: Because he 'associated with Arabs'

5. Who or what was recently splashed across different newspapers in India?

A: The name and photo of a nine-year-old victim of child prostitution
B: Secret government information about the whereabouts of child witnesses
C: Adverts submitted by paedophiles publicising music lessons

6. What happened in the United States to boost HIV prevention across the globe?

A: Bill Gates committed an extra 3 billion to condom manufacture
B: The US government has created a new organisation charged solely with HIV prevention
C: The senate voted to end overseas aid restrictions which prioritise abstinence

7. Where has a legal aid service for children been set up?

A: Guyana
B: Guinea
C: Gambia

8. Women's organisations in four African countries are formulating a code to protect children. From what?

A: Dangerous food additives
B: Unjust media coverage
C: Recruitment into child labour

9. Why are fewer children under the age of five dying around the world, according to UNICEF?

A: Better drugs for HIV treatment
B: Immunistations and anti-malaria measures
C: Improved maternal nutrition

10. Who said: "When we learn to see life through the eyes of a child, that is when we become truly wise."

A: John F. Kennedy
B: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
C: Mother Theresa