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Weekly quiz

1. Why were teenagers in an Argentinian village put in 'quarantine'?

A: To avoid transmission of polio
B: To avoid 'spiritual disorientation'
C: Because they has spent a holiday in the USA

2. How has Rwanda pledged to curb HIV infection?

A: Through male circumcision
B: By issuing free condoms
C: By quadrupling the money they spend on TV campaigns

3. What percentage of young people in the UK rarely or never think about HIV when making decisions over their sex lives, according to a BBC poll?

A: 20 per cent
B: 55 per cent
C: 90 per cent

4. What proposed law is threatening the rights of children in Guatemala?

A: A law denying the right of nationality for children from indigenous communities
B: Denying children the right to choose which divorced parent to live with
C: A law barring single and same-sexed couples from the definition of 'family

5. What is the name of the international pact outlawing the use of child soldiers and helping restore them to civilian life?

A: The Geneva Accords
B: The Paris Commitments
C: The Beijing Rules

6. When a 16-year-old girl was hanged in Iran, how was international law violated?

A: Through the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
B: Because of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
C: Both the above

7. What is the leading cause of child death in Bangladesh?

B: Malnutrition
C: Drowning

8. Why has President George W.Bush vetoed a law to provide healthcare insurance for more children in the United States?

A: Because the scheme would be funded by increasing fuel tax
B: Because it might encourage parents to earn less money
C: Because he wants to make sure only poor children benefit

9. In which country is AIDS responsible for 77 per cent of orphaned children?

A: Zambia
B: Zimbabwe
C: Lesotho

10. Who said: "Little girls are cute and small only to adults. To one another they are not cute. They are life-sized"?

A: Diana, Princess of Wales
B: Nelson Mandela
C: Novelist Margaret Atwood