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Weekly quiz

1. Which of the following States has banned all corporal punishment, including in the home?

A: Israel, Ukraine and Cyprus
B: United Kingdom, France and Sweden
C: France, Netherlands and Senegal

2. What does a new study reveal about 'boot camps' for children in the United States?

A: They provide a valid means for improving the physical and emotional wellbeing of children
B: There is widespread abuse and sometimes death of participants
C: They provide a training ground for Al-Qaeda terrorists

3. What is the reason 48 per cent of adults in Scotland gave for not working with children and young people, according to a new report?

A: Children and young people are more likely to be violent than adults
B: Fear of being branded a paedophile
C: Working with children requires too much responsibility

4. In which country do Dalit children face discrimination at school lunch times?

A: Pakistan
B: India
C: Somalia

5. What has been outlawed in the Czech Republic?

A: Homosexuality for children under the age of 18
B: The death penalty for under-18s
C: Possessing child porn

6. What are 7-11 year old in the United Kingdom suffering from, according to a new report?

A: 'Deep anxiety' about modern life
B: More and more obesity-related diseases
C: Over-cautious parents

7. What special day was marked this week?

A: World Food Day
B: World Mental Health Day
C: World Malaria Day

8. What is the name given to the 1996 groundbreaking study on children in armed conflict?

A: The Machel Study
B: The Pinheiro Study
C: The Drew Study

9. What does the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child do?

A: Receives complaints from people about child rights violations
B: Checks that the Convention on the Rights of the Child is being observed and implemented by States
C: Helps to generate child rights information for distribution by CRIN

10. According to Hodding Carter, what are the only "two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children"?

A: Love and hope
B: Drama and intrigue
C: Roots and wings