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Weekly quiz

1. Why is the Nigerian Government suing three tobacco companies?

A: For the damage cigarettes have done to children's health
B: For employing children under ten in their factories
C: For price fixing

2. What is the name of the UN organisation which has replaced the Commission on Human Rights?

A: Human Rights Committee
B: Association for the Maintenance and Coordination of Human Rights Standards
C: Human Rights Council

3. Why has a Sikh pupil in Wales been excluded from school?

A: For wearing a turban
B: For refusing to attend Christian meetings
C: For wearing a bangle

4. What is impeding efforts to prosecute members of a French organisation, who have been accused of allegedly trafficking children out of Chad?

A: The absence of a child trafficking law in Chad
B: Calls from the French Government to drop the charges
C: A shortage of lawyers

5. At what age can a child be sentenced to death for a criminal offence?

A: 17
B: 15
C: Never

6. How does the UN ensure States adhere to the Convention on the Rights of the Child?

A: By threatening them with weapons of mass destruction
B: Through the Committee on the Rights of the Child
C: By asking them very nicely

7. What has CRIN launched this week?

A: A global report on child rights
B: A children's guide to coping with adults
C: A toolkit on dealing with the media

8. Who said this week that children in the United Kingdom should be kept out of prison?

A: The leader of the Church of England
B: The Queen
C: The London police chief

9. In which country has a US charity been under investigation for alleged trafficking?

A: Kenya
B: Guatemala
C: Sudan

10. Complete the quote from Angela Schwindt: "While we try to teach our children all about life, Our children...

A: make their own minds up
B: teach us what life is all about
C: ask their friends