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Quiz special for the 18th birthday of the CRC

1. What addition to the website did CRIN launch on the 18th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child?

A: A global portal for using child rights law
B: A 'For Children' section
C: A 'regions' section

2. What is the name of the body which monitors implementation of the Convention?

A: The Children's Rights Council
B: The Committee on the Rights of the Child
C: The CRC Committee of Independent Experts

3. How many States have ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child?

A: 78
B: 193
C: 196

4. What is the name of the CRIN Review, also launched to coincide with the anniversary?

A: A Generation Behind: Why are we still failing children?
B: A Generation On: Enforcing children's rights
C: At 18: The Convention comes of age

5. Which article of the Convention says that parents may not discipline children?

A: 17
B: 22
C: None

6. What special day is celebrated on 20 November each year?

A: Universal Children's Day
B: Children's Universe Day
C: Unichild Reverse Day

7. Which article of the Convention deals with prosecuting parents for violating children's rights?

A: None
B: 3
C: 1

8. What is a convention?

A: A formal, binding agreement between States
B: An international document containing guidelines for appropriate practice
C: When two or more people speak to each other for an extended period of time

9. When did the Convention come into force?

A: 1988
B: 1989
C: 1990

10. Complete the quote from Tom Miller, Chief Executive of Plan: "International human rights law requires states to ‘fulfil,’ ‘respect’ and ‘promote’ the rights of children and adults - not merely to “protect” them. These rights should be respected..."

A: ...when parents choose to hand them out.
B: ...immediately, not once adults feel ready.
C: ...immediately not promised for some point in the distant future or denied because of resource considerations.”