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Weekly quiz

1. Which country last week became the first in Latin America to ban all corporal punishment of children?

A: Costa Rica
B: Guatemala
C: Uruguay

2. What did almost 50 per cent of children in Kyrgystan say would make them end a friendship, according to a recent survey?

A: if a friend gossiped about a fellow pupil
B: if a friend contracted HIV
C: if a friend watched Big Brother regularly

3. What percentage of the 2.5 million new HIV infections each year occur in people aged 15 to 24?

A: 30
B: 40
C: 70

4. What is the only region in the world where enrolment rates in secondary education are higher for girls than for boys?

A: Latin America and the Caribbean
B: Western Europe
C: South Asia

5. What was a parent convicted for last week by a court in New Zealand for the first time under a controversial new law?

A: smacking his son on the bottom
B: feeding his son junk food
C: allowing his son to spend more than the recommended time playing on his x-box

6. What UN decision did NGOs welcome this week as a step towards combating violence against children?

A: to recommend that States ban all corporal punishment of children
B: to exclude certain States from voting on the annual children's resolution
C: to create a special high level post to deal with violence against children

7. What did Scotland's Commissioner for Children this week say stunted some children's development and breached their rights?

A: too much studying
B: having to wear a school uniform
C: too many rules

8. What will all citizens in the Canadian province of Manitoba now be compelled to do to avoid a two year jail term and a $50,000 fine?

A: report any child pornography images they may come across
B: pick up litter in the street
C: report teachers who talk to children about creationism

9. What did CRIN launch this week?

A: its latest review
B: a new look website
C: the CRIN Crew radio show

10. How many UN World Days are celebrated this week (26 November - 3 December)

A: 2
B: 3
C: 4