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Weekly quiz

1. What is the name of the event that CRIN be reporting on next week?

A: The commemorative high-level plenary meeting devoted to the follow-up to the outcome of the special session on children
B: The celebratory inter-continental VIP congregation focusing on the result of the after effects of the special session on children
C: The Ban Ki-moon celebrity Christmas party

2. What has the Nigerian government said it will do in 2008 to better further child rights?

A: Ratify the Convention on the Rights of the Child
B: Ban parents from hitting children
C: Ratify the two Optional Protocols to the Convention on the Rights of the Child

3. Why was a landlord fined in the United States?

A: He refused to allow children to play in his appartment building
B: He tried to stop people with children from renting in his appartment building
C: He did not provide suitable access for disabled children

4. Which country has just tightened its laws on child abuse and child pornography?

A: Malta
B: Greece
C: Turkey

5. According to Human Rights Watch, how is China flouting international child labour laws?

A: By employing children under 16 in government-run sports programmes
B: By not giving government child workers a fair wage
C: By encouraging child labour in schools to make up budgetary short-falls

6. How can children's NGOs help the Committee on the Rights of the Child to conduct a 'real' assessment of child rights in a particular State?

A: By making complaints through a special mechanism
B: By submitting Alternative Reports along with the obligatory State reports
C: By asking Committee members to visit their country

7. Which country's justice system is tacity condoning sexual violence against women and girls, according to a report from Amnesty International?

A: Uganda
B: Ghana
C: Sierra Leone

8. How many different CRINMAILs are produced by CRIN?

A: 4
B: 9
C: 76

9. How many children were living in poverty in the United Kingdom by 2006?

A: 760,000
B: 15.6 million
C: 3.8 million

10. Who said: "The only wealth in this world are children"?

A: E.T in the film "E.T"
B: Michael Coreleone in "The Godfather"
C: Christopher Reeve in "Superman"