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Weekly quiz

1. Why did NGOs say they would file a complaint with the UN about the follow-up event to the UN Special Session on Children taking place this week?

A: because so little progress has been made on the commitments made to children's rights
B: because some States spent the whole session bickering
C: because the voices of States were prioritised over those of children and NGOs

2. What is CRIN's role at this event?

A: writing governments' speeches
B: reporting on the sessions
C: performing a sketch and musical tribute to the UN

3. Where did a female judge's decision not to jail men accused of raping a ten year old girl trigger outrage this week?

A: Australia
C: Nigeria

4. Which European country this week delayed a draconian law which would criminalise teenage sexual activity?

A: Romania
C: Germany

5. Why were students' school report cards the subject of controversy in Boston, USA last week?

A: they advertised McDonald's Happy Meals as rewards for students with high grades
B: they contained CIA intelligence leaked in a central administrative error
C: they were teachers' report cards from school inspectors

6. Which international treaty which makes provisions for children's protection has the US just ratifed?

A: The American Convention on Human Rights
B: The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
C: The Hague Convention on Inter-Country Adoption

7. Which country this week announced major reforms of children's policies which will emphasise children's right to play?

A: India
B: England
C: Sweden

8. What did the World Health Organization say last week was a major obstacle to preventing children from dying from treatable conditions?

A: medicines are not made for children's needs and have not been tested on children
B: medical funds are being used for beauty products to make money rather than cure children
C: intellectual property laws prevent the distribution of most medicines to the developing world

9. What abuse is being practised against boys by former warlords according to reports from northern Afghanistan this month?

A: camel jockey racing
B: boys kept as sex slaves are forced to compete in dance competitions
C: forcible circumcision

10. Complete the quote from Maud de Boer-Buquicchio, of the Council of Europe, at the 'World Fit for Children' follow-up event: "Hitting adults is called assault. Hitting animals is called cruelty. But hitting children is...

A: an important part of child discipline
B: for their own good
C: OK as long as you cannot see the bruise