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Weekly quiz

1. What does a new law in South Africa potentially ban?

A: Teenage sex
B: Teenage kisses
C: Teenage holding hands

2. At the follow-up to the 'World Fit for Children' event in New York last week, Yanghee Lee said: "Education is the answer to a lot of problems facing children in the world. The Committee thinks that universal primary education not enough, but that the quality of the education is also important." To which committee was she referring (of which she is Chairperson)?

A: Human Rights Committee
B: Committee on the Rights of the Child
C: Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

3. How many children under the age of 14 in the UK tried to commit suicide in the year leading up to March 2007?

A: More than 40
B: More than 400
C: More than 4,000

4. What do a book and DVD, on sale on Amazon in Australia, teach?

A: How to hit children with rulers, tree branches and belts
B: How to hit pets with rulers, tree branches and belts
C: How to hit siblings with rulers, tree branches and belts

5. Which country ratified the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption last week?

A: Somalia
B: Chad
C: United States

6. What landmark treaty has been signed, representing a "significant step forward for the protection of the rights of the 100 million children living in the EU"?

A: The Treaty of Munich
B: The Treaty of Lisbon
C: The Treaty of Naples

7. At what age are children criminally responsible in Indonesia?

A: 12
B: 8
C: 16

8. What is the Universal Periodic Review (UPR)?

A: A comprehensive study of the Universe by children
B: The undertaking by all UN Member States to review their policies and laws on children
C: The process for reviewing the human rights record of countries at the Human Rights Council

9. Save the Children has launched a compilation of lessons learned in contributing to rights-based legal and policy frameworks for children in which country?

A: Benin
B: Bangladesh
C: Bulgaria

10. In Taiwan, Province of China, which children have been found to be at high risk of becoming aggressors or victims of violence when they grow up?

A: Those who are not breastfed
B: Those who witness violence in the family home
C: Those who play violent video games