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Weekly quiz

1. 2008 will be the international year of...

A: the dog?
B: sanitation?
C: the century?

2. In which country has corporal punishment most recently been banned?

A: Chile
B: Uruguay
C: Peru

3. In which country were 80 children massacred in a church during political unrest?

A: Sudan
B: Mozambique
C: Kenya

4. What has George Bush approved in the USA?

A: The bombing of the Middle East, Russia and Venezuela
B: Compulsory overseas travel for all politicians
C: A child health care bill

5. What is likely to happen to child labourers rescued from an Indian factory which sells clothes to the USA, according to activists?

A: They will be sent to juvenile jail
B: They will be adopted by rich families
C: They will be back working within months

6. What affects young people's transition to adulthood in all regions of the world, according to a new UN report?

A: Poverty
B: Child labour

7. What has the UN called for a moratorium on?

A: Jailing children
B: Celebrity adoptions
C: The death penalty

8. Which continent does not have a regional human rights mechanism?

A: Africa
B: Asia
C: The Americas

9. How are children discriminated against under the Convention on the Rights of the Child?

A: The Convention is the only human rights treaty under which individuals cannot submit complaints
B: The Convention does provide for a monitoring body, unlike other human rights treaties
C: There is no child-friendly version of the Convention

10. Why were the numbers of female genital mutilations in Kenya higher than usual for December, according to activists?

A: Because of declining public interest
B: Because of the president's support for the practice
C: Because of media interest in the elections, and the neglect of politicians and government