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Weekly quiz

1. What weapon, backed by the government, have shopkeepers, councils and homeowners in the UK been using to disperse young people?

A: A water cannon
B: The Laser - a device which shines very bright light into people's faces
C: The Mosquito - a device which produces a high-pitched noise, only detectable by people under 25

2. In which country was the scourge of child recruitment in suicide bombings highlighted this week?

A: Pakistan
B: Afghanistan
C: Indonesia

3. What makes children more likely to turn to criminal behaviour, according to a new report?

A: Computer games
B: Smacking
C: Exposure to high-pitched sounds

4. In at least how many countries are children being recruited into armed forces?

A: 7
B: 13
C: 74

5. According to a parliamentarian in the Philippines, at what age do children "know what they are doing" and as such be able to face criminal charges?

A: 14
B: 11
C: nine

6. What has the Australian government finally apologised for?

A: Its treatment of Aboriginal people
B: Past environmental policies
C: John Howard

7. What month-long human rights event will take place next month?

A: A session of the Committee on the Rights of the Child
B: A meeting of the Human Rights Council
C: A world forum on child survival

8. What does a proposed legal ammendment in the Czech Republic seek to do?

A: Protect child victims from media scrutiny
B: Grant children the right to be heard in divorce proceedings
C: Impose harsher penalties for child abuse

9. Who has made his first appearance before the International Criminal Court?

A: General Damane Zakaria, head of the the Assembly of the Union of Democratic Forces in the Central African Republic
B: Former rebel leader General Laurent Nkunda, of the Forces for the Democratic Liberation of Rwanda
C: Former Congolese rebel leader Mathieu Ngudjolo Chui

10. According to child rights activist Dr Philip Cook, interviewed by CRIN last week, what can be the problem with the child rights community?

A: It can be too competitive
B: It can be too issue-driven
C: Too few members have taken the CRIN survey