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Quiz special: Food

1. Who is the Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food?

A: Jean Ziegler
B: Jean of Arc
C: Jean Claude Van Damme

2. What do the Special Rapporteurs on the Right to Food and Health do?

A: Act on behalf of children in court
B: File complaints against government ministers who are responsible for breaching human rights obligations
C: Conduct studies, respond to individual complaints and advise on technical matters

3. The rights to health and to food are part of a generation of rights sometimes called...

A: Civil and political rights?
B: Economic, social and cultural rights?
C: Environmental, cultural and developmental rights?

4. How many children die each year as a result of chronic malnutrition?

A: 560,000
B: 5.6 million
C: 5.6 billion

5. What percentage of a family's income in Bangladesh would be taken up by 2kg of rice?

A: 20 per cent
B: 34 per cent
C: 50 per cent

6. How does the Convention on the Rights of the Child mean a child's right to food, or health (for example in articles six and 24), can be enforced?

A: It sends out a very clear message to States and the public
B: It creates a positive framework which States can follow and do their best to implement
C: It means the Committee on the Rights of the Child can monitor/ensure implementation, and that children can take governments to court for failure to assure these rights

7. What three factors are having the biggest effect on food prices?

A: Greater consumption in Europe and the US, climate change and overused land
B: Bigger incomes throughout the world, an increase in the use of biofuels and speculative trading on food commodities
C: Increased production of biofuels, the spread of genetically modified crop farming, and UNICEF cutting back its hospitality budget

8. What standard of health is necessary for the right to health to be fulfilled?

A: The "highest attainable standard"
B: The "standard decided by States"
C: The "lowest standard necessary to keep a person alive"

9. What is ECOWAS?

A: The Economic Community of West African States
B: The Efforts to Colonise Oil-Wealthy African States
C: The name for someone who used to be environmentally friendly

10. Jacques Diouf, Director-general of the Food and Agriculture Organisation, said: "Hunger is not an issue of charity...

A: is an issue of justice
B: is about children
C: is an issue of conscience