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Weekly quiz - special edition on the Committee on the Rights of the Child

1. What is the Committee on the Rights of the Child?

A: A monitoring body
B: An instrument
C: A panel of child experts

2. What did a 'landmark' ruling on water in South Africa decide?

A: That an oil refinery be given priority rights over a river's water supply
B: That Johannesburg city must provide 50 litres of free water per day per person
C: That Coca Cola be given the rights to rainwater in a township in Soweto

3. In addition to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, what else does the Committee monitor?

A: Child participation at the UN
B: The two optional protocols to the Convention on armed conflict and child exploitation
C: UNICEF's commitment to child rights

4. What is the name of the reports produced by the Committee on States' compliance with child rights?

A: Concluding Observations
B: Observing Conclusions
C: Conkating Observions

5. How often must States report to the Committee?

A: Two years after ratifying the Convention, then every five years
B: Once a year
C: When they feel like it

6. What is a Day of General Discussion?

A: A day-long, informal chat between government ministers about child rights
B: A debate between the Committee, NGOs and others on a particular matter
C: A day-long meeting on human rights when participants have 60 seconds to talk about something of interest

7. What is the name given to the reports published by the Committee, sometimes following a Day of General Discussion, which explain particular provisions of the Convention?

A: General Comments
B: Random Statements
C: Vague Points of Interest

8. Who are the members of the Committee?

A: Lawyers and celebrities
B: Government ministers who have shown an interest in child rights
C: Independent experts from a range of backgrounds, appointed by States

9. How can you find out about news on the Committee and the Convention?

A: Sign up to CRC Crinmails, and visit a special news page
B: Watch for changes in the Earth's atmosphere
C: Write a letter to the UN requesting information

10. Who said "The Convention is not only a visionary document. We are reminded daily that it is an agreement that works and its utility can be seen in the everyday use to which I have seen it increasingly being put by country after country, in policy, in practice and in law"?

A: US President George W.Bush
B: Former UNICEF executive director, Carol Bellamy
C: Chief Executive of the Institute of American Values