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1000th CRINMAIL special

1. In which year did the Optional Protocols to the Convention on the Rights of the Child enter into force?

A: 1990
B: 1998
C: 2002

2. Which of the following are also real meanings for CRIN?

A: Collision Repair Instructors Network
B: Compulsive Restructuring of International NGOs
C: Conference Room Induced Narcolepsy

3. What is a CRINMAIL?

A: A letter of recommendation from the Collision Repair Instructors Network
B: An electronic newsletter about child rights
C: Someone who has broken the law

4. Which of the following are available on CRIN?

A: A media toolkit, a strategic litigation toolkit and legal section explaining the global child rights system
B: A media toolkit, a map of Geneva and a recipe for carrot soup
C: A virtual playground, poetry from George Bush and pictures of Paris in springtime

5. Which of the following (other!) major events took place in the year the first CRINMAIL was sent out?

A: The Kyoto Protocol is adopted by a United Nations committee
B: The UN adopts a resolution saying that human rights apply only to those who are male, heterosexual, non-immigrant, wealthy, majority-race, able-bodied adults who don't use drugs and have never committed a criminal offence
C: The United States decided not to block any UN resolutions

6. How old is CRIN?

A: As old as the trees
B: CRIN never answers questions about her age
C: 13

7. Where did CRIN establish a new desk earlier this year?

A: Amman
B: Cairo
C: London

8. On what subject is CRIN set to launch a special "microsite"?

A: Discrimination
B: Criminalisation
C: Car repairs

9. Who has won the United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Distinguished Service Award 2002?

A: Ban Ki Moon
B: Anne Veneman
C: Veronica Yates

10. On what do child rights experts Bill Bell and Sven Winberg both agree, according to this week's interviews?

A: That there needs to be a global child rights court, with economic sanctions for States who are in breach of the CRC
B: That the principles in the CRC should be understood and applied at grassroots level
C: That children should have their own world government, with powers to influence national State policies