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Recession, poverty and child rights

1. Which grouping of child rights relates most directly to poverty?

A: Civil and political rights
B: Economic, social and cultural rights
C: Environmental, cultural and developmental rights

2. Which of the following countries have constitutions expressly protecting the social and economic rights of children?

A: Macedonia, Australia and Canada
B: Canada, Macedonia and South Africa
C: Turkey, Croatia and Malawi

3. What is one of the reasons policy-makers adopt a human rights approach to poverty?

A: Because it sounds worthy
B: Because they have to under international law
C: Because it helps to identify and address all the factors causing poverty

4. About how many children worldwide live in absolute poverty?

A: 600 million
B: 200 million
C: 2 billion

5. States are required by the Convention on the Rights of the Child to implement economic, social and cultural rights...

A: 'to the maximum extent of their available resources'
B: 'once they have secured their defence budget'
C: 'depending on their priorities at the time'

6. In Ireland, how has the government responded to the global banking crisis in its latest budget?

A: By increasing taxes on bankers' bonuses
B: By announcing a 1% levy on all incomes under 100000 (2% for higher)
C: By confiscating children's pocket money

7. How does the Convention on the Rights of the Child help to ensure a child's right to food, or health (for example in articles six and 24), is enforced?

A: It creates a vague framework which States can follow and do their best to implement
B: It requires governments to direct resources to children, as long as business doesn't lose out
C: It means the Committee on the Rights of the Child can monitor/ensure implementation, and that children can take governments to court where possible for failure to assure these rights

8. According to Eurochild, what following factors should be included in measurement of child poverty in Europe?

A: Family income
B: Health and education
C: Health, education, relationships, a subjective sense of well being

9. According to new research, what does child poverty cost the UK government per year?

A: Its moral integrity
B: Its right to lecture other governments about their commitment to children
C: 25 billion

10. Complete the quote from American activist Marian Wright Edelman: "Just because a child's parents are poor or uneducated is no reason to...

A: deprive the child of basic human rights to health care, education and proper nutrition"
B: allow traders to gamble their money away"
C: assume middle class policy makers have the answers to their problems"