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Quiz of the week

1. What has Madonna, the US pop star, been criticised for this week?

A: Wearing a dress from last year's Autumn collection
B: Entering into a $5 million sponsorship deal with UNICEF, that will see all her concerts branded with the UNICEF logo
C: Trying to fast track the adoption of a child in Malawi

2. What's new at CRIN?

A: A PDF guide to child rights mechanisms
B: We are chairing the G20 trade discussions
C: A pot plant called Cynthia

3. In which country has corporal punishment in all settings most recently been banned?

A: The Maldives
B: Moldova
C: Mauritius

4. How many children are wasting in Bangladesh, according to the UN?

A: Two million
B: Ten million
C: Five million

5. How many more indigenous infants in Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand die compared to non-indigenous infants?

A: Twice the number of non-natives
B: Three times the number of non-natives
C: Four times the number of non-natives

6. What particular issue did the Special Rapporteur on Torture highlight following his recent visit to Uruguay?

A: The corporal punishment of children in the home
B: The treatment of adolescents in detention
C: The violent targeting of teenage gangs by police

7. In which country has a law court ordered the government to provide free primary education?

A: Swaziland
B: Switzerland
C: Suriname

8. What, earlier this month, did world ministers decide about water?

A: That people need it, but do not have a right to it
B: That people have a right to it, as long as water companies are making enough profit. Otherwise, they can desire it, but not hold any expectations
C: That people can hope to have it, and want it, as long as they don't need it or crave it

9. What human rights event ended this week?

A: The UN Human Rights Council
B: The latest session of the Committee on the Rights of the Child
C: The UN General Assembly

10. According to former member of the Committee on the Rights of the Child Brent Parfitt, what word sums up children's rights?

A: Achievable
B: Impenetrable
C: Implausible