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1. What did the UN Secretary-General finally do this month, after a wait of more than two years?

A: Visit China
B: Say something controversial
C: Appoint a Special Representative on Violence Against Children

2. According to a panel of Indian politicians, what has no place in schools?

A: Homosexuality
B: Sex education
C: Crime

3. What has the United States embraced after a self-enforced absence?

A: The rest of the world
B: Socialism
C: The UN Human Rights Council

4. What kills more children than AIDS, malaria and TB combined?

A: Cholera
B: Diarrhoea
C: Measles

5. In which country has a devastating report uncovered the systematic abuse suffered by children in residential institutions run by religious congregations?

A: Italy
B: Spain
C: Ireland

6. In which country, according to the UN refugee agency, is displacement "worse than Rwanda"?

A: Sri Lanka
B: Palestine
C: Pakistan

7. According to a new report, where are children being denied medical treatment, washing their dishes on the bathroom floor, sleeping in dirty and infested beds, and suffering violence?

A: A French children's home
B: An Irish orphanage
C: A Turkish prison

8. What was the founding United Nations document on human rights?

A: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
B: The UN Human Rights Charter
C: The Convention on the Rights of the Child

9. What global child rights declaration was released this month?

A: The Rio de Janeiro Declaration and Call for Action to Prevent and Stop Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents
B: The Buenos Aires Statement and Reinforcement of Committed and Definitive Intention to Prevent, Stop and Curb the Sexual Exploitation of Children, Adolescents and Minors
C: The Mexico City Affirmation and Really Firm Undertaking to Absolutely and Completely Stop and Desist the Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents

10. Who said: "Allow children to be happy in their own way, for what better way will they ever find?"

A: Gandhi
B: John F.Kennedy
C: Jean-Paul Sartre