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1. What is the subject of CRIN's new campaign?

A: The appointment process for key child rights positions
B: The process for electing members of the Human Rights Council
C: Plans to introduce free healthcare for poor people in the United States

2. Which students are suffering most from corporal punishment in US schools, according to a new report?

A: LGBT students
B: Black students
C: Students with disabilities

3. Which of the following key positions have we identified?

A: Members of the Committee on the Rights of the Child, Special Procedures and the head of UNICEF
B: Special Procedures, the head of UNICEF and the head of the World Bank
C: Members of the African child rights committee, the UN Secretary General and the Chief Executive of McDonald's

4. What does being a 'rights-based organisation' mean?

A: Being an organisation which promotes human rights externally
B: Being an organisation based on socialist values
C: Promoting participation, accountability and non-discrimination as much in its internal procedures as in its programme activities

5. What historic milestone has been reached in Afghanistan?

A: It has become the first Asian country to be accepted into the European Union
B: The government has submitted its first child rights report to the Committee on the Rights of the Child
C: It is the first foreign country to have been visited by US president Barack Obama

6. In Croatia, what has been ruled 'discriminatory' by the European Committee of Social Rights?

A: The use of children in TV adverts
B: The government's budget for children's services
C: A homophobic sex education curriculum

7. Who said: "I am determined to reform the United Nations… Reform also means improving management and strengthening accountability and transparency”?

A: Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan
B: Current UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon
C: Former US President George W Bush

8. How old will the Convention on the Rights of the Child be this year?

A: 21
B: 30
C: 20

9. In which Central American country are they planning to abolish corporal punishment in schools?

A: Belize
B: Guatemala
C: El Salvador

10. What report did CRIN release last week?

A: A guide to child rights and the financial crisis
B: A report on the meaning of dignity, dialogue and governance
C: Our Annual Report 2008