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Weekly quiz

1. What was the theme of this year's Day on the Rights of the Child at the Human Rights Council?

B: Children living and/or working on the street
C: Children in conflict with the law and juvenile justice

2. What did Yanghee Lee, Chair of the Committee on the Rights of the Child, comment at the end of the final working group meeting to draft the communications procedure under the CRC?

A: “I am happy to say that children have now been recognised as full rights holders”
B: "I am thrilled that children are no longer classed as mini humans with mini rights”
C: "I am deeply sorry to every child that we have not succeeded in recognising them fully as rights holders"

3. In which African country have three members of the armed forces been sentenced to prison by a military court for their involvement in the mass rape of over 300 civilians, including children?

A: Sudan
B: Democratic Republic of the Congo
C: Ghana

4. In which Latin American country are ex-military commanders being tried for the kidnapping of around 500 babies?

A: Argentina
B: Chile
C: Guatemala

5. What does the winner of the 2010 Children's Peace Prize campaign for?

A: The right of children to free education
B: The rights of children to registration, name and nationality
C: The rights of children to freedom of expression and association

6. According to a prominent Egyptian scientist, what should Egypt's youth be awarded for their role in the country's pro-democracy uprisings?

A: The Children's Peace Prize
B: The Indira Gandhi Peace Prize
C: The Nobel Peace Prize

7. What is the median age of Yemen's population?

A: 17
B: 25
C: 32

8. In its 56th Session, what issues was the Committee on the Rights of the Child most concerned about in its review of Mexico?

A: Child labour and drug abuse among children
B: Sexual exploitation of children and drug violence
C: Discrimination against migrant and indigenous children

9. According to recent reports from Afghanistan, what does the Taliban seem to be becoming more lenient on?

A: The education of girls
B: Hard-line feminism
C: Miniskirts

10. Which Caribbean country has developed a Green Paper on Safe School Policy which will abolish the use of corporal punishment in schools?

A: Jamaica
B: Dominican Republic
C: St. Kitts and Nevis