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Quiz round up

1. To which key figure has CRIN recently made a submission on children's rights?

A: UN Special Representative of the Secretary General on Transnational Corporations and other Business Enterprises
B: UN Special Representative of the Secretary General on Transcorporal Nationals and other State Businesses
C: UN Special Representative of the Secretary General on Busy Transcorporals and other National Entities

2. Who is the head of the United Nations?

A: John Bolton
B: Ban Ki-moon
C: Angelina Jolie

3. CRIN together with other partners has launched a campaign for the prohibition and elimination of....what?

A: Trafficking in children
B: Violence Against Children
C: Inhuman sentencing of children

4. What has been banned in public in France?

A: Nicolas Sarkozy
B: Shoulder shrugging
C: Wearing a veil that conceals the face

5. In which country is bullying set to become a crime?

A: Austria
B: Australia
C: Albania

6. In which country are two sisters, aged 13 and 14, being tried under the Anti-Terrorism Act of Pakistan, but not in juvenile courts, constituting a violation of their rights as children?

A: Pakistan
B: Saudi Arabia
C: Germany

7. Who, according to Amnesty International, "face intimidation and attacks as they attempt to tackle violence and discrimination" in Afghanistan?

A: UN Special Rapporteurs visiting the country
B: Afghan women and child rights defenders
C: Foreign military forces

8. What does UNICEF stand for?

A: United Nations International Children Empowerment Foundation
B: United Nations Identity Creating Enterprise Fund
C: United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund

9. To which body is the Committee on the Rights of the Child ultimately responsible?

A: The UN General Assembly
B: The NGO Group for the Convention on the Rights of the Child
C: The US government

10. What is strategic litigation?

A: Attempting to achieve legal and social change through court test cases
B: Taking a case to whichever court is likely to award the most money
C: Suing organisations with bad business strategies