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Special edition to mark the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia

1. Why was the first-ever gay pride march in Kiev, Ukraine cancelled 30 minutes before it was due to start?

A: Because there were not enough rainbow flags.
B: Because there were not enough roads in Kiev to accommodate all participants.
C: Because, according to a senior police official, he was not prepared to put his officers in harm's way for the LGBT community, after receiving reports that ultra-right football hooligans planned to disrupt the march.

2. How many countries still criminalise same-sex relations between consenting adults?

A: 18.
B: 45.
C: 76.

3. In what African country has the President vowed to overturn a criminal ban on homosexual acts?

A: Uganda.
B: Malawi.
C: South Africa.

4. What does the acronym IDAHO stand for?

A: Nothing.
B: International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.
C: I'm Definitely Allergic to the Homophobic Opposition.

5. In the words of North Carolina Baptist pastor, Sean Harris, what should parents do if their son starts acting “girlish” or their daughter “butch”?

A: “They should think beyond gender stereotypes.”
B: “They should respect and support their child.”
C: Boys should be given “a good punch”, and girls should be “reined in” and made to “act like a girl, and walk like a girl, and talk like a girl, and smell like a girl, and that means [they are] going to be beautiful, ...and attractive, ...and dress themselves up.”

6. Which Latin American country has become the first in the region to legally recognise that gender identity is not defined by biology, but by “the internal and individual lived experience of gender, as felt by each person”.

A: Argentina.
B: Ecuador.
C: Costa Rica.

7. According to an Indonesian sociologist, what kind of people are “still at large” in the country?

A: Homophobes.
B: Vegans.
C: Doctor Who fans.

8. Why is the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia marked on 17th May?

A: Because it is when the World Health Organisation officially declassified homosexuality as a mental illness in 1990.
B: Because “May” rhymes with “gay”.
C: No idea.

9. In a school in the United Kingdom, why did some students decide to wear a Gay Pride badge on their uniform?

A: Because they thought their uniform was too bland.
B: Because they wanted to rebel against school uniform policy that says “no badges allowed”.
C: In defiance of their headteacher encouraging them to sign a petition against same-sex marriage.

10. According to Canadian child development scholar, Dr Hilary Rose, what is it that we owe schoolchildren?

A: For homophobia and bullying in schools to be stamped out.
B: Less homework.
C: Indoor PE lessons on rainy days.