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New Year quiz

1. Of the 54 states within the Commonwealth, how many still allow for life imprisonment of persons who were under 18 at the time they committed an offence?

A: 11
B: 23
C: 45

2. Who said: “Unlike...politicians, we can't bribe people and say vote for me and I will give you this. We can teach them how to make a fair campaign”?

A: A political party research office looking for clients.
B: No one, because corruption does not exist in politics.
C: A 12-year-old member of a youth-led municipal council in the Dominican Republic.

3. In which country that previously allowed for child offenders to be sentenced to life imprisonment, did a high court ban the sentence in August because it constituted a violation of children's rights?

A: Argentina.
B: Qatar.
C: Singapore.

4. When the Gambian former Attorney General, Ms. Fatou Bensouda, announced her appointment as the new Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), what child rights-related objective did she say she would pursue during her nine-year term?

A: Ensuring violence against children and sexual and gender crimes are reflected in future charges.
B: Making sure children's right to pocket money is enshrined in international law.
C: Allowing children to work as interns at the ICC.

5. Which of the 17 Eurozone countries has the highest child poverty rate?

A: Greece.
B: Ireland.
C: Spain.

6. How many members were elected to the Committee on the Rights of the Child in December 2012?

A: None.
B: Nine.
C: All fo them.

7. In which region has no country banned corporal punishment of children?

A: Africa.
B: Asia.
C: Latin America.

8. In the UN Secretary-General's 2012 annual report on children and armed conflict, which of the following set of countries are among those in the report's “list of shame”?

A: Chad, Rwanda and Syria.
B: Afghanistan, Myanmar and Somalia.
C: Colombia, Nepal and Yemen.

9. CRIN wrote a briefing in 2012 on the overdiagnosis and controversial treatment of children with ADHD. What does ADHD stand for?

A: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
B: Anomalous Debt-Hoarding Disorder.
C: Absurd Desire for a Hot Dessert.

10. In which country were UNAIDS and UNICEF made to close their offices?

A: Honduras.
B: Russia.
C: Somalia.