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The back-to-work catch-up quiz!

1. Which country's armed conflict situation has the UN refugee agency described as the “most neglected in the world”?

A: Colombia.
B: Central African Republic.
C: Philippines.

2. In January 2014, the Vatican is expected to hand over information on cases of child abuse by the Catholic clergy to which entity?

A: The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.
B: The International Criminal Court.
C: The Vatican's PR office.

3. According to a recent UN study, criminal justice systems contain a disproportionate number of...

A: Indigenous children.
B: Innocent people.
C: Corrupt politicians.

4. Why have several towns in Switzerland been accused of racism by human rights groups?

A: Because town mayors have banned Roma children from eating in school canteens.
B: Because the mayors have banned music by Boney M. from being played in local festivities.
C: Because they’ve segregated asylum-seekers from town centres to stop them coming near “sensitive” public places such as libraries, churches and schools in order to “prevent tensions”.

5. Which country’s Parliament is debating extending the right to die to children who are terminally ill on that argument that they should be provided with the conditions to die with dignity should they choose to and on the principle that “age should not be regarded as a decisive criteria in the event of a request for euthanasia”?

A: Belgium.
B: New Zealand.
C: Argentina.

6. Conservative lawmakers in Afghanistan have drafted a law aiming to...

A: Grant an automatic pardon to all gender violence perpetrators.
B: Stop family members from testifying against one another in domestic violence court cases.
C: Legalise violence against men for a change.

7. According to a government study in Kyrgyzstan, nine out of every ten schools and kindergartens have...

A: Failed to meet structural safety standards.
B: Banned children from playing with non-traditional toys.
C: Introduced the Vagina Monologues into their foreign literature classes.

8. Why have children’s rights advocates in China emphasised the need for younger children to receive basic sex education?

A: Because “primary schools need more subjects to fill in the curriculum.”
B: Because “teachers need to get with the times and stop being so prudish.”
C: Because it “can help equip children with awareness of what is appropriate or not when it comes to physical touch."

9. Why did the Maldivian High Court overturn a flogging sentence handed down to a 15-year-old rape victim accused of having premarital sex?

A: Because she had been “wrongly convicted”.
B: Because flogging in the penal system has been criminalised as a form of degrading treatment.
C: Because consensual sex outside of marriage is actually not a criminal offence.

10. What does so-called “conversion therapy” on gay children claim to do?

A: Convert them to heterosexuality.
B: Convert them to Christianity.
C: Convert them to hating Lady Gaga lyrics.