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Type Title Date Organisation
news A Europe-wide campaign to establish a European Anti-bullying Day launched
A Europe-wide campaign to establish a European Anti-bullying Day was launched by the Greek NGO, “The Smile of the Child” and 16 more organizations across 12 EU Member States which are calling on the EU for the establishment of a European day against bullying.

The campaign will raise awareness on bullying and invites NGOs, various stakeholders, organizations, civil society and citizens to support this effort by signing a public statement.

Follow this campaign at
24/09/2013 The Smile of the Child
event World Youth Summit 2013 06/05/2013 Child and Youth Finance International
news THAILAND: Schoolchildren welcome the opportunity to let their hair down, literally
The Ministry of Education has said it will abolish the regulation at all public schools that boys have to sport a crew cut no longer than five centimetres, while girls have to wear bobs that should not go past the neckline.
14/01/2013 Bangkok Post
publication NEW ZEALAND: Our view matter - children and young people talk about solutions to poverty 11/12/2012 Office of the Children's Commissioner for New Zealand
publication PARTICIPATION: Talking about our health - Tips for kids and teens
You are never too young to start learning about your health so don't be afraid to ask questions.
12/10/2012 -
news PAKISTAN: Activist, Malala Yousafzai, 14, shot
A Pakistani girl known for her activism for girl's education has been shot allegedly by Taliban gunmen.
09/10/2012 BBC
news AUSTRALIA: Youth nationwide say no to child detention 27/09/2012 CathNews
news CHILE: Police arrest 139 students as protests continue
High school occupations spread in Santiago, after negotiations with Mayor Zalaquett break down.
20/08/2012 The Santiago Times
news COSTA RICA: Sex education is a sign of a more just and equal society
Juan Camilo Saldarriaga, 20, of San José, Costa Rica, says young people deserve better services and stronger policies.
24/07/2012 The Guardian
news DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Child politicians challenge corruption 22/05/2012 BBC
news INDIA: Child bride annuls marriage
The couple was married at ages one and three, but the bride was not informed until she was 18.
26/04/2012 Oman Tribune
news CANADA: Excluding youth from electoral count
A children's rights expert says that not counting people under 18 within the electoral vote would affect communities with a large youth component.
18/04/2012 -
The International NGO Council on Violence against Children needs your help in identifying harmful traditional practices affecting children and also good legal frameworks and other measures to challenge and eliminate them.
15/03/2012 International NGO Council on Violence Against Children
news SURVEY: Youth Research on Attitudes towards Female Genital Mutilation 13/02/2012 -
news BOLIVIA: Working children present bill of rights to improve their working conditions
The draft bill seeks to get legal and social recognition of working children, and ensure their right to education is respected, among other provisions.
09/12/2011 europaNATS
news SEXUALITY: Inspiring speech by teen raised by lesbians goes viral, again 06/12/2011 The Advocate
news UNITED KINGDOM: Schoolboy's skirt protest up for human rights award
The schoolboy challenged his school's discriminatory uniform policy.
24/11/2011 The Independent
news DAY OF GENERAL DISCUSSION: Interviews with young people
Interviews with young people attending the 2011 Day of General Discussion on Children with Incarcerated Parents.
30/09/2011 Child Rights International Network
news UNITED KINGDOM: Riots, root causes & media coverage
A look at the riots from the perspective of young people.
11/08/2011 Child Rights International Network
publication Youth Organisations Worldwide
This is a regularly updated list of Youth and Youth Led Organisations. If you know of any other youth or youth led organisation in your country, please contact CRIN at
19/07/2011 Child Rights International Network
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Results 1 to 20 of 221

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